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Ki Oneness Life



We pursue a world where all people can live together in peace and harmony which can be attained through inner harmony of body, mind and spirit.

We are dedicated to helping people throughout the world to improve their lives with creation Ki (energy).

Ki (energy) is the foundation of life and the basis of a healthy body, mind and spirit.  The fundamental elements of life are light, sound (wind) and Ki (energy).  All material and non-material things are essentially light, sound and Ki (energy).  In this way body, mind and spirit can be healed with light, sound and Ki (energy).

Ki Oneness Life is founded on the fundamental principle that the universe, the earth and all humanity are one and share a common origin and destiny.

Through Ki training we can connect with the energy of the universe and the earth to cultivate body, mind and spirit and regain our original inner-nature. As each individual regains their original nature, social and global peace and harmony can be attained.

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* This website is the official authorized site for Ki Oneness Life

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