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What is Ki

Science defines the power, which moves and changes matter as 'energy'.  The east defines that power as 'Ki'.

Scientists have found that non-material matter cannot be split into smaller particles.   This matter exists as energy that has a certain frequency of vibration and wave.  The western scientists guess it as being Ki.

Einstein called this energy, “The vibration field”.  Field is another name for space.  The space of the universe is the field of energy vibration.  So, they say, matter is created when space is extremely compressed.  Matter is nothing but energy vibration and all matter has its own particular frequency.  Ki holds within itself all information of life.

Ki is not only the fundamental material but also the energy that forms nature’s law and order.  For example take a brick.  To make a brick we need clay (substance), a rectangular mould (the shape) and fire (the power).  A brick is made when these three components are combined.

To explain the fundamental workings of the universe without mentioning Ki would be impossible, as all movement and existence within the universe comes from Ki.  Because, Ki is the element of life, laws of creation and creative energy.  We absorb Ki to change it to energy and then eliminate the waste products from our body, which is Ki circulation processing.

Ki controls all movement and change in the universe.  The basic energy that causes the rising sun, blowing wind, flowing water and blossoming flowers is Ki.  Therefore, the harmony of all activity within the universe comes from Ki; so it can be said that the essence and basic character of the Creator of the universe is Ki.

Ki is the life force that flows through all living things.  In our body, Ki travels around a network of energy channels, in the same way that blood flows through veins and supports all organs and cells.


The flow of ki (energy) gives us immunity and vitality, impacting on our mind and making us peaceful, happy and bright.  It is what makes our hearts beat and our lungs breathe in and out and determines our life span.

We also accumulate energy blockages from negative emotions or from family energy patterns that sit as tension or knots in our body.  Energy blockages and low energy can make us very vulnerable to viruses and therefore, to many cases of illnesses, diseases and pain.

Energy (ki) is invisible and in the modern age, where everything needs to be seen, touched and analysed, it is easy to be confused by the uncertain ideas we have about ki (energy).

Fundamentally, there are two types of energy.  Heaven ki (energy) that creates life and Earth ki (energy) which supports life.

The first comes from the source of the universe and is known as Heaven Ki or Original Vital Ki.  We receive this energy at conception, that should last our entire life.  The latter is received through Nature from the sun, moon, food, water and air. Nature’s energy sustains our organs and cells and is responsible for the functioning of our body.

Our life is created by Original Vital Ki (energy), which is invisible and supported by Nature’s Ki (energy) is visible. These two energies combined, can function to restore life.

These days many people are short of energy. Despite a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and rest, we still feel tired. This is because we have depleted our storage of Ki (energy).  When we are short of ki, eating healthier food and trying our best to lead a healthier life will not necessarily give us more energy or resolve our health issues.

So, we all need to recharge our body, mind and spirit by connecting to the source of life-Original Vital Ki(energy).

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