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Ki Training Class (Hanuel12Jinbup)

Hanuel12Jinbup is an ancient self-healing practice from South Korea in which people can learn to receive, circulate and utilise Original Vital Ki to help maintain health and wellbeing.  A training class lasts for one hour and consists of three parts, intended to promote balancing of body, mind and spirit.  At the beginning of the class there is chanting of cosmic words (Chunmun), followed by a slow-movement exercise and meditation.

The human body has 84,000 energy pores, 365 energy channels and 12 energy meridians that are stimulated and opened through the sound vibration.  The movements continue the process to help dissolve energy blockages, stimulating the circulation of energy and allowing the body to naturally nourish itself, rebuild and recharge the organs and cells.

Each movement is devoted to clearing and circulation of a different part of the body, which when completed will leave the body revitalised.

Meditation is used for self-reflection.

The mind controls energy, so a bright, loving and kind-hearted mind promotes the free flow of energy in the body, creating good health and positive interactions and experiences within and out in the world.  Therefore, meditation in class is used to not only rest and absorb Vital Ki and benefits of the chanting and exercise, it is also used to reflect on the self and recreate a space for a renewed mindset.


The Hanuel12Jinbup programme consists of three parts, with each part consisting of 12 different steps.  Ki training classes are run daily at the centre and one can join any class any day.







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