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Ancestor Training

How our family tree can affect our health

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in people researching their family tree.  There is also more understanding that our ancestry may have considerable influence on our health and wellbeing, and future generations. 

We are unknowingly, deeply influenced by our ancestor’s lives.  Their life memory is written in every cell of our bodies and much of our character and personality may have also been influenced by them.

To understand this, we need to know how human life is created. 

When we are conceived, our ancestor’s physical characteristics and emotional patterns are not only programmed into our genetic system, but also our energy system.  Their life experiences, memories, emotional condition, health problems and even various addictions can be passed down to us and carried forward to future generations and over time may develop into physical and emotional symptoms. We can also receive the many positive characteristics, and abilities, developed, achieved and maintained through the generations.

The Origin of Life Birth

If we look at how we are born biologically, human life begins when the egg is fertilised by the sperm, and energetically it is made when the opposite energies of yin (-) and yang (+) meet.

The father’s yang (+) energy joins with the yin (-) energy of the mother.  This makes the spark that creates light, which is the original light of creation that is carried within us through our lives.

Human conception is a rebirth of the original light created at the birth of the universe. 

Life therefore, at its most fundamental level is created from light.  From light, particles of matter began to form and billions of years later we have a universe breathing with life. 

It is the movement and harmonious relationship of yin and yang where body, mind and spirit co-exist as one.

One of science’s most fundamental laws is conservation of mass, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  All matter is made up of atoms and a human being is a complex arrangement of atoms that ultimately can never be destroyed.

Life is the union of body, mind and spirit that we can compare to water in its three states of solid, liquid and gas.  The atoms that combine to make water never disappear, they merely vibrate at different frequencies.

When we die, our physical body returns to the earth and our mind still remains, our spirit like the gaseous state of water, invisible and eternal also remains.  

Body, Mind and Spirit

Our spirit is our original state, it is the light created at conception.  This light which is our true self, connects us to the universe and supports mind and body.  The mind, which creates our thoughts and emotions, is the link between the spirit and body.  According to our state of mind during our life our spirit becomes brighter or darker and our health improves or degenerates.  Death is the separation of spirit and body, when our mind ceases to function as the connection between the two.

When we die we merely leave our body behind and our mind and spirit join together temporarily.  Therefore, the state of our mind at the end of our life can influence the eternal state of our spirit.

Ancestor Training

Ancestor training is achieved through the deep application of intercessory prayer.  It is the method to release the negative energy patterns of our ancestors and return them to a state of brightness, freeing us from any negative influence.  Life is created when yin and yang become one and death is the separation of yin and yang, when the spirit returns to Heaven and the body returns to Earth.  However, the light of the spirit must not be darker than its original home, otherwise it is too difficult to return home.

When a person dies carrying much unresolved emotion, pain or disease, it cannot return to Heaven and thus remains on this earth and has tremendous influence on its descendants.  Our connection with our ancestors could be likened to a TV set permanently tuned to a particular channel’s frequency, the chances are very high that we may eventually develop similar conditions, whether physical or mental.

As previously stated, light and sound are the primal elements of life.  To release the spirit from negative energies, which are non-material, we need specific light and sound frequencies that can be assimilated by the spirit.  Great Nature has given us a method by which we can release the negative energy of our ancestors with light and sound, Original Vital Ki (energy).

This is a very complex training and when the time is right, the Ki Masters will have a private consultation with you to fully explain how it works.  This is a separate training, and although it is optional, we know from experience that it is difficult to regain our health unless the ancestors are released from their negative energy patterns.

Practical side of Ancestor Training

The basic program consists of five ceremonies over a three week period.  Each ceremony lasts for an hour and a half and is performed in the Fountain of Life (training room).  Each ceremony has an arrangement of food, wine and flowers.  This is an offering to show respect and gratitude to the life source, nature and ancestors. 

It is necessary to show sincerity, gratitude and love for the release of these negative energy patterns from our family and ancestors.  In order to release negative energy patterns, Cosmic Words (chants-sacred sounds) are used by the Ki Masters throughout the ceremony to connect to the frequency of the Life Source. 

There are different types of Ancestor Training programmes available and a consultation with a Ki Master will help you to understand which program is best suited to you.

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