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Ki Treatment

Chunsoo (meaning Heavenly Hands) is an ancient Korean Healing art which is to transmit Original Vital KI (energy), that is Heavenly fire sent through the hands.  The Ki master creates a sound with a special breathing technique.

This sound travels with Original Vital Ki deep into the body, opens the Ki pores, meridians and melts out blockages in the subtle body.

When we have energy blockages it prevents our free flow of energy which causes our body’s energy system to be low, weak and become vulnerable to various health issues.

A healthy human body has an abundant and continuous flow of energy which supports all the physical functions.

This energy is pumped through a network of energy channels similar to the way that blood is pumped by the heart and flows through the veins, organs and cells.  Gradually, this helps recharge and revitalise our body’s energy system which in turn can increase immunity, helping to regenerate organs and renew cell function.

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