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Our Philosophy


All life comes from the invisible source. This source exists as the original light that created the universe and all things in it.  This light is within each of us, it is our true self and connects us to the universe.  It is what the ancient people called Ki (called by many names as chi, prana ……).

Ki is light and vibration in its purest form. It is the highest frequency of unconditional love and has the power to transform and support all life.

This self-healing based practice can lead us to receive Ki (energy) and connect to our spirit, our original light within us and help to regain a clear, bright and beautiful mind.  Free flow of abundant Ki (energy) within us, is the foundation of a healthy body and mind.  When we are healthy, we are happy and bloom beauty.

By regaining our connection to the original source, we are able to regain our physical health, happiness and wellbeing.  We are committed to sharing this practice with people in need throughout the world.  We understand that healthy people can create a healthy home, society and a brighter future for the world.

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